Off Grid
Mountain Retreat
with Resilient Ready Home & Infrastructure

Orosi Valley, Costa Rica



Resilience Ready

34.5 Acres

Hard Wood Home

Spring water

Solar Power




Organic gardens

Fruit orchard


Barn / Workshop

Storage building

Livestock Infrastructure

Room for growth

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In a sea of green above the village of Peñas Blancas de Cachi, lies the mountainside property of Shenandoah.

Forest covers the majority of this 34.5 acre property (14 hectares) and, tucked into the lower portion of the land is a fully set up off grid, resilience ready homestead with beautifully crafted hard wood home and ample room for expansion and development.


The property has been developed to be  resilience ready. You can shut the gate and be in a pristine, isolated environment, designed for as much self sufficiency as you desire, for an extended length of time.  


  • Vital, clean water flows from a gravity fed spring protected by the forest above the house and gardens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • A 3500W, 24v, 16 panel solar system with Inverter and Batteries  provides 100% of the electricity.

  • Established vegetable gardens and fruit orchard with clean fertile soil to grow as much of your own food as you like.

  • Working, scalable livestock systems provide food and fertiliser.

  • Planted stands of firewood for the wood fired stove and indoor fireplace ensure hearty meals and comfort.


Built in 2016 with future generations in mind, the beautiful open plan 1095ft² house is built from local hard woods from sustainable forestry. The wood was selected for its durability and termite resistance. Integral to the design was that the house fit its environment, mirroring the aesthetic of this stunning location.

The ideal of creating a truly healthy home to reflect the beauty of its forest surroundings was key to the design of the house. Teak floors run throughout the interior, in the kitchen there are hard wood and granite counters, and a stone fireplace warms the living area on cooler mountain nights.


The house comprises: Master Bedroom, Living Area, Kitchen & Dining Balcony,

Pantry / Store room, Bathroom and Meditation Deck. There is also a separate laundry area and room for storage under the house. A few meters from the house, a 4m x 5m building (215ft²) serves as a guest room / storage / workshop space.

There are numerous potential sites to build other houses or cabins, all have beautiful views and the water systems can be easily extended. The house is located a few minutes walk up hill from the end of the driveway.

Beside the house is a sizable open vegetable and crop garden and a 1160ft² glass-roofed vegetable, herb and flower garden. There’s also a 516ft² barn structure currently used for animal husbandry.

The land has been 100% free of pesticides and herbicides for 5 years. The verdant forest that lies above the gardens and growing areas feeds nutrients downhill, replenishing the soil and maintaining its rich fertility.

In the orchard there is a delicious range of fruit trees: Avocados and Sweet Mandarins, Peaches and Jackfruit, Bananas and Passion Fruit to name a few. Perennial crops such as Ginger and Turmeric are patch-worked between the trees.


The orchard and gardens have been carefully designed to ensure the best growing environment for the fruit trees and crops, and to make working and harvesting as easy as possible.

Two and a half acres of fenced grazing, suitable for goats, sheep or cows and poultry are located to the right of the house. The area is divided into 5 separate grazing cells.

A few minutes walk from the house, a year round stream runs through the property. Water levels are usually low enough that you can hike up stream to two waterfalls in less than 10 minutes. There is also another seasonal cascade on the property.

Water for the property comes from a spring is located above the cascades and accessed by an adjacent pathway.

Below the orchard and grazing areas is a field area with petroglyph carved by the tribal ancestors who once lived here: similar artefacts in Costa Rica have been dated as Pre-Columbian and estimated to have been carved 500-1000 years ago.

Shenandoah is home to an abundance of wildlife: rainbow coloured birds (including Hummingbirds, Oropéndolas, Taningers and Tucans); monarch, blue morpho, and a host of other butterflies; as well as small mammals such as pizotes, armadillos, kinkajous and the occasional troupe of white-faced monkeys.

While Shenandoah is isolated, it's not remote. Access to the property is a easy 200m from the end of the graded road in a 4x4.  Considering the views and privacy, general amenities are only a short drive away: 15 minutes to the local town of Cachi  and you can be at the international airport in San Jose in under 2 hours (see Location for more information).


If you think Shenandoah may be the property you are looking for, come and visit. The photos will give you a feel for this unique place, being here in person is another thing entirely.

And, of course, if you have questions about any aspect of the property
(resilience, growing, location, price etc), please send us an email or whatsapp message.

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